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Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty and Charity Quests 2007 Candidate

Mrs Zeny Lorenzo

Mrs Philippines of Victoria 2007

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Awards: Best in Talent, Best in Filipiniana Gown, Best in Evening Gown, Mrs Photogenic

Winning is glory while service with accomplishment is sheer satisfaction.

I am greatly thankful and honoured to have earned a prestigious title with extra awards which I will treasure forever.

Once again, I thank all of my family overseas, my children who have been very supportive of me and served as my inspiration, to my sponsors, friends who just not believe but have faith in me, the judges, the PFVI/Quest committee 2007 and all the guests who made a big effort to support a good cause since its inception.

The best times I had was when I was a candidate, the fun and challenges I faced against all odds. Throughout my quest, I have raised funds and contributed several ideas for the future success and improvement of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria. I enjoyed the wonderful experience of promoting our culture and tradition, developing rapport with businesses and forging relationships my co-candidates and the Filipino-Austalian community.

As Vice-Chairperson and Secretary of the beauty quest 2009 I am honoured to have teamed with a group of dedicated people in our community, parents, candidates and members of several Philippine organizations. October 2008 was a year of my exciting trip to the Philippines, visited not just my family but supported the Gawad Kalinga children and its school, Pampanga chapter.

I enjoyed my participation in the quest prior to my reign, the excitement, exposure, the hard work with dedication I made, and the good rapport with my co-candidates in 2007 together with the new 2009 candidates. Exposure has given me resilience, confidence and good rapport within the community. Despite family and work commitments, I am proud to have contributed towards community leadership and future development of the Philippine fiesta quest.

My role as Ambassador of Goodwill does not end here but optimizes, aspires and empowers our women in our community and its successors for its worthy cause. It has been a great and significant experience to have assisted the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria and our Filipino-Australian community from 2007 to 2009. I encourage our beautiful Filipino-Australian women to outreach these dreams.

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