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Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty and Charity Quests 2013 Candidate

Ms Haydee Crupi



Haydee is a charming 18 years old from Sydenham, Melbourne. She is a year 11 student at Copperfield College who loves singing and play netball, and basketball.

Haydee spent a couple of years in Angeles City, Philippines when she was younger, where her mum came from, and now lives with her parents and two sisters.

Her fervent ambition is to become a pop-star and to live the life she as dreamed of.

She joins the beauty quest because she enjoys meeting people and discovers what it's like to help the Filipino-Australia community in Melbourne.

For Haydee, 'It's not the winning, it's all about working as a team to raise funds for a better Filipino-Australian Community Centre, so we can be all proud of it.'

She further states that: 'Our Filipino leaders here in Melbourne should start thinking of building a Filipino Community centre where young Filoz generations will appreciate, and when it happens, I would proudly say, "Wow, I am a part of that project!".


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