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Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty and Charity Quests 2013 Candidate

Ms Anna Solmeo



Sweet Anna is from Iloilo and currently lives in Patterson Lakes Victoria. She is a very friendly, generous and a warm-hearted person.

She finished computer programming at La Consolacion College of Caloocan City Philippines and Done Diploma of Accounting at Chisholm Frankston Victoria.

She is a businessperson who buys and sells ladies accessories and work part time bookkeeping.

Her motto in life is always look at the bright side of life and she believes in a saying "Mistakes merely the price of achievement on the journey towards success".

She joins Beauty Quest because her friends encourage her to join. "I also want to raise awareness to all women that it is ok to join the Beauty Quest. It is not for young sexy people only but for everyone. It is not an embarrassment but a challenge. You are having fun and at the same time you are helping the PFVI raise more funds for the good of the community centre. For all the women out there who wants to join the Beauty Quest don't wait to be asked by the committee you can raise your hands up and say "Yes I want to join", says Anna.


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